Jack is Smiling now14.04.2013

After being surrendered to the shelter in 2004 Jack has finally found his much deserved home. 

He came to the Shelter as an out -of-control 1 year old who had not had any training at all and could not even accept a lead.
After a shaky start and a lot of hard work he mastered his obedience training to the extent that he actually took part in obedience demonstrations. He also represented PAA at several Paws Walks and revelled in the attention and the limelight.

He was adopted several times over the years, some short-term some longer-term, but it was never just right and he came back to the Shelter as a “return”. If you asked him he would say it definitely was not his fault, he was just misunderstood!!??!!.

One of his ’outings’ was to the Army to be trained for the bomb detection unit. He underwent all the training but failed the final test and was returned to the Shelter. Afghanistan just wasn’t on his agenda!

If only he could write his own story it would be a best seller. Some of the antics he got up to when he was a young dog would make you laugh and some would make you cry. Fortunately he has mellowed with age and now takes time to enjoy the quieter things in life.

A long-term resident, but one who definitely earned his keep. He was used to test the temperament of new dogs entering the Shelter and also to socialise new dogs. Jack’s pen was always full. He was very accepting of other dogs (especially girls, loved girls, but accepted boys too) and this sold many, many dogs to good homes.

One of his favourite tasks was to meet and greet the buses that visited the Shelter from either Nursing Homes or Respite Centres. On command he would enter the bus alone and gently move from seat to seat greeting the people. He never once upset anyone and occasionally took a seat on an empty pew and became one of them. The people loved him and often had their photo taken with him. He showed the same love for people in wheelchairs and other disabled folk and seemed to know when to be gentle.
Another of his favourite pastimes was to have lunch with the volunteers and sample everyone’s lunch. A piece of devon here, a piece of cheese there, one spoon of quiche for the owner and one for Jack, licking out the yoghurt bowl, he tried everyone’s lunch. He was happiest when being part of the ‘family’ and so much fun.

His new family, Barbara and Peter, have shown much patience to help this great little dog adjust to life outside the Shelter and he just loves them. They have made him part of their family and adore him.

Not that Jack had a bad life at the shelter, he was loved by many and very spoilt, but nothing can compare to a real home. We certainly miss him heaps but couldn’t be happier for him.

Love you darling and God bless you.


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