Monti's Story06.05.2014

 My name is Monti and I found my forever home on 3rd March 2014 after being at the PAA for a few days. I was picked up as a stray and my previous owner signed me over – I was very frightened.  

Whilst I am only 6 years old, I have a few health issues such as a heart murmur, cataract in one eye and another forming in the other eye, my skin was in a bad way due to flea bites that were left untreated and I was a bit on the cuddly side.

Despite all this, my new owners picked me from all the other dogs and took me home without a second thought.  I go on lots of walks, have been to the groomers for a haircut and my diet has been altered so I have lost some weight and I look very handsome now – just ask the other dogs in my street!

I have 2 cats to play with; one lets me cuddle with her and lick her ears whilst the other one wants to play “chasey” all the time – she races up and gives me a tap on the backside and then runs off.  This is great fun and good exercise for both of us.

It has taken me a few weeks to come out of my shell and now I communicate really well with my new family – I bark occasionally when I don’t get my own way or feel I am missing out on something – and my tail never stops wagging. I love being with my family but have to learn my doggy manners to take turns when it is treat time as it is not polite to jump up and snatch food – this is a work in progress.

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