President's Report November 201403.02.2015

The PAA Management Team has had a number of projects throughout the year.  We have updated our security systems to include CCTV on site with the ability to access the camera feeds off site.  Also we have upgraded our alarm system with back to base monitoring linked to the Presidents and the PAA security phones. Once the alarm is activated we have the ability to log into our CCTV and view the level of risk onsite allowing us to take the appropriate action. 

The Management team has moved our banking activities to Bendigo Bank at Margate which has allowed us more diversity with how we manage PAA finances.  We thank Bendigo Bank for all their help and support during this process. 

e-CBD continues to manage our website and domain name registrations and they are a great company to work with.  This year we contracted with e-CBD to put linkages into shelter buddy which allowed us to update our website in relation to animal movement to and from the shelter.  This project has proved to be a great time saver for the office administration volunteers.

The Management Team engaged a company called Microsavvy for the management of our IT systems on site.  With five computers working at any point in time this service will be a great asset to PAA.  Our ADSL service has been inconsistent due to the site of the shelter and we are currently exploring other options for internet access through a wireless service.

The Management Team have managed a number of bequests in the last 12mths as well as considerable donations.  These bequests will result in the redevelopment of the Kennel Quarantine section of PAA as well as new facilities including an industrial laundry, a separate animal intake area, more offices and a meeting room. Site development is due to begin early in 2015.   

I worked with one of our major donors and negotiated a donation for the purchase of a new van for PAA .  This has been a wonderful addition to PAA and all our animals are much more comfortable in their trips to and from the vets. Also I was successful with a grant application for petrol vouchers for the PAA van, many thanks to Our Village Foundation who provide excellent fundraising opportunities to local community organisations. The generosity of the community in the support of PAA remains solid and we are most grateful on behalf of all the animals and volunteers.

The President and Management Team continue to work with our local community in relation to access to our site and related activities that promote and benefit PAA and the community. Some of the many highlight this year were a visit from the Oyster Point Joey Scouts and then following their visit the presentation of donations from them to the President at their den.  Also working with Redcliffe High School students whose projects resulted in much needed donations to the shelter.  I look forward to working with our local community in 2015.

A big thankyou to Brendan Carmichael in his tireless support on site with the numerous computer problems we had during the year with internet access and networks.  Also thanks to Graham Dean who has provided valuable assistance with the financial management at PAA.

Two years on from the implementation of the PAA Strategic Plan the shelter has moved forward with purpose and direction.   The new subcommittee structure has worked well and as expected has allowed greater input into decision making from all our 120 volunteers.  Participative decision making is a priority of the Management Team and we look forward to working with everyone in 2015.

Irene Coonan, President 

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