MIA - ID 14077 - DMH - FEMALE - DOB 04/01/2018

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SASHA - ID 14076 - DMH - FEMALE - DOB 04/07/2014

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TOMMY - ID 14073 - DSH - MALE - DOB 10/04/2018 Black and white is a very smart colour to have in your home. Add to that a fun loving bundle of joy and that is me. Although I love playing with my brother and other kitten friends I think I'd like to be 'Top Cat' in your home.

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SOX - ID 14072 - DSH - MALE - 10/04/2018 My brother Tommy and I are very similar to look at, but when you look closer I have white on my right top lip and Tommy has it on his left top lip. I'm very friendly and love a cuddle and a purr. I love playing with my brother, we have lots of fun. I'm sure I would love to have a family to call my very own. I'm hoping that family comes along very soon.

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PEARL - ID 14075 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 05/12/2011. I've been handed around quite a few times to different people who have loved me for a short time but now I find myself at the shelter and looking for a FOREVER home. I'm a very pretty pearly white colour and I'm very friendly. I especially like to be scratched above my tail. I'm nearly 7 years old and feel I deserve to have a nice quiet home with comfy beds and a sunny spot (not too much sunshine I don't want to get burnt on my nose or ears). Please come and meet me, I'm down in the quarantine where it's a bit quieter.

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SALLY - ID 14069 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 25/06/2017 I am still settling into the shelter situation. It's a lot to take in but I'll get there. I do like a pat and a scratch and my food. Don't forget to ask about me as I'm down in the quarantine with the other girls who are just a little bit shy. Looking forward to a 'forever home'.

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ELLY - ID 14070 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 22/03/2017 I was surrendered to the shelter with my baby JACOB ID # 14071. I'm a very affectionate girl with a very pretty face. I think I would like a family to call my own with lots of love and cuddles. You can find me in with the other female adult cats . Please come soon.

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PRINCESS - ID 14038 - DMH - FEMALE - DOB 28/04/2018 I am a very pretty girl with long luscious fur that will keep you warm when I grow big. Did you know that brushing me is the best way of developing a lasting bond. Although I've only been at the shelter a short time, I'm really looking forward to being the Princess in my own castle.

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LEXI - ID 14036 - FEMALE - DOB 11/08/2017 This young girl came to us with her litter of kittens and not much more than a kitten herself. She would like to go to a family where she can play and be loved. She is desexed now, so no more kittens for Lexi - just a happy forever home.

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COREY - ID 14067 - DSH - MALE - DOB 22/12/2017 I was surrendered by my owner. I am a very friendly young man with a big purr and lots of personality. What's good about me is I'm a ginger tabby with soft fur. I would like a family to love and care for me forever. I will be eagerly waiting here with the big boys.

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