LILY -ID 15321 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 13/08/2019

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Dottie (was Beauty)

BEAUTY - ID 15356 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 09/08/2008

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LICORICE - ID 15347 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 09/11/2020. What a dear, gentle little girl Licorice is. She has lots of love to give and is just waiting for the perfect owners to love her in return. Still young enough to display kittenish behaviour, this girl would make a perfect companion in a quieter home where people have time to play with her and to give her the cuddles she loves.

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MISSY - ID 15344 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 02/11/2020

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SHEBA - ID 15300 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 06/11/2019. Sheba is a shy but friendly girl. She's a good looking girl with her shiny black coat and large, lovely eyes. She rather likes a pat and would possibly be best suited to a quieter home given her shyness.

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Mimi (was Mina)

MIMI - ID 15319 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 10/03/2011. If you're looking for an older girl Mimi could be the perfect cat for you. She is so lovely, a friendly girl with a very sweet nature. She has earned herself a reputation at the shelter for being the tidiest cat here...not a thing out of place in her enclosure...she even leaves her plates and litter tray tidy! If you're looking for a special girl Mimi ticks all the boxes. She would make a perfect companion for an older person or couple.

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JETT - ID 15335 - RAGDOLL X - FEMALE - DOB 10/11/2020. With the white ruff around her neck and down her front it almost looks as if this pretty girl is wearing a winter scarf. Like most young cats Jett is always up for a play so would need a home where she has someone to join in her games and have fun with her. She is fine with the other cats here at the shelter but does like individual attention in the form of pats and cuddles.

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MURRAY - ID 15320 - RAGDOLL X - MALE - DOB 01/06/2020. This Ragdoll X is a very shy boy who, at the moment, is having some difficulty settling at the shelter, although there are recent small signs that he may be feeling a little less uncertain than he was at first. Murray is not up to being patted at the moment but with time and patience he should be able to be won over.

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YODA - ID 15336 - RAGDOLL X - FEMALE - DOB 10/11/2020. This young lady gets on well with other cats so if you are looking for a companion for a cat you already have she may be the one for you. However, because she is a friendly, playful girl who enjoys human company and being patted and cuddled, she would probably fit well into a family situation either with or without children.

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VADER - ID 15337 - RAGDOLL X - FEMALE - DOB 10/11/2020. If you are looking for a young cat who is friendly and playful Vader may be the girl for you. She enjoys being patted and cuddled and would just love to find a forever home.

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