BETH - ID 15190 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 28/02/2020. Beth is quite a friendly young tortie girl but is timid in nature and still uncertain of her surroundings at the shelter. She would be best suited to a quiet, calm home where she is an only pet.

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TIFFANY - ID 15186 - DSH -FEMALE - DOB 28/02/2020. With her black coat and large eyes Tiffany is quite a striking looking cat. However she has had difficulty settling in at the shelter and is still very scared. She needs a quiet home with a calm person who has lots of patience. She would need time to grow in confidence so that she could learn to trust her new owner.

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OSCAR - ID 15178 - MANX X - MALE - DOB 28/10/2019. With his jet black coat and amber eyes Oscar is quite a handsome boy. However, he is still very frightened and would need a special person willing to be very patient with him. **Update: Oscar has shown real progress lately. His trust in the volunteers at the shelter has grown to the point that he now jumps out of the pipe, rubs around people's legs and enjoys being patted.

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COBI - ID 15054 - DSH - MALE - DOB 8/02/2019 I'm a very friendly boy and want lots of pats but if it gets a bit noisey i hide under the covers. Please come and take me home to your home forever.

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Sootie Was Pippa

SOOTIE- ID 14919 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 16/12/2019. Sootie is a relative newcomer to the shelter and is still settling in her new surroundings. If at first you can't see her try looking under his bedding as she seems to feel safer there at present. She would need a quiet home with a person willing to give her time and space to adapt to new surroundings.

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ROCCO - ID 14220 - DSH - MALE - DOB 01/09/2018

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