Charlotte 2

CHARLOTTE 2 - ID 14208 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 15/03/2017

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CLEMENTINE - ID 14198 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 24/03/2018

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MILES - ID 14161 - DSH - MALE - DOB 14/09/2015 Miles came to us as a stray with quite a few cat fight wounds on him. A quick trip to the Vet and he is as good as new. Someone must have owned this beautiful boy as he is very affectionate. Miles will need to be kept inside so there is no more fighting for him. Such a handsome boy, please come soon and give him the love he deserves.

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MAPLE - ID 14163 - DMH - FEMALE - DOB 14/09/2017 This little girl came to us as a stray with her 4 beautiful kittens that were snapped up super quick. Such a beautiful coloured young cat that is enjoying being kitten free, (no more babies for this girl). Can you give this girl the forever home she deserves?

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CORAL - ID 14152 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 05/09/2017 Although I came to the shelter as a stray, someone must have owned me as they went to the trouble of desexing me. I'm still a bit unsure about my new situation but at least I have a nice comfy bed and plenty to eat. I'd like to find my forever home very soon.

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Lucy (2)

LUCY 2 - ID 14144 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 01/11/2016 Lucy (2) is a darling, quiet cat with bright ginger fur (unusual for a girl) and golden eyes that make your heart melt. She is small in stature but sweet in nature. This pretty girl will be devoted to you.

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BILLY - ID 14125 - RAGDOLL X - FEMALE - DOB 03/01/2017 Billy is a quiet girl who is satisfied with minimal fuss. She is content to decorate a spare shelf or sun puddle, preferably with no other animals. Billy would prefer a quiet, peaceful home where she could meditate and dream.

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ELLIOTT - ID 14101 - DSH - MALE - DOB 23/07/2011 Your certainly get your monies worth with Elliott. He is a handsome middle aged cat. A dignified silver tabby, reserved but welcoming with one weakness.......Elliott loves his tucker and is a couch potato. He is accepting with good grace, his present restricted diet. Elliott needs a home with a disciplined food regime but otherwise he will be very happy watching TV with you. Just don't share the chips!

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RASCAL - ID 14081 - DSH - MALE - DOB 01/01/2018 - I was surrendered to the shelter with my brother and sister. I'm a friendly boy with a very handsome face. I'm looking for a home that will be able to keep me forever.

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VINNIE - ID 14082 - DSH - MALE - DOB 01/01/2018 - I was surrendered to the shelter with my sister and brother. My owners thought I was a girl but closer inspection showed that I was a boy. I'm still a little shy because this is all new to me. But I'm going to be okay in a loving home. Hope It comes along soon.

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