LILY - ID 15321 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 13/08/2019. Lily is a sweet, friendly girl who enjoys pats and cuddles. Those who know her well say she could even be described as a bit of an 'out there' girl... no shrinking violet this lady. She would be better in a home where she is the only cat, possibly even the only pet. It has been noticed here that she becomes food possessive when she is hungry.

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TERRY - ID 15355 - DSH - MALE - DOB 15/01/2021. Another of our playful tabby kittens, Terry has a sweet nature and is very happy to be cuddled and patted.

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TIM - ID 15351 - DSH - MALE - DOB 15/01/2021. This cute little tabby is sweet and friendly. He's an active chap who loves a play but is equally happy being patted and cuddled.

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LICORICE - ID 15347 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 09/11/2020. What a dear, gentle little girl Licorice is. She has lots of love to give and is just waiting for the perfect owners to love her in return. Still young enough to display kittenish behaviour, this girl would make a perfect companion in a quieter home where people have time to play with her and to give her the cuddles she loves.

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MISSY - ID 15344 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 02/11/2020. At this point in time this cute little girl is very shy and uncertain. She is not comfortable with the other cats so would need a home with no other pets where she can have one on one attention from a patient owner willing to give her time to feel comfortable in a new environment.

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MANNY - ID 15341 - MANX X - MALE - DOB 02/11/2020. At this point in time Manny is very shy and uncertain of his new surroundings. He is a very reserved boy who will let you pat him but, as yet, is not entirely comfortable with being patted. He would need to go to a home with no other pets and a very patient person who is able to give him time to become used to a new home and is willing to let him find his own way in a new environment.

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JENNY - ID - 15294 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 23/09/2020. Sweet Jenny just loves pats and cuddles when she's not too busy playing. She's a friendly girl who would probably enjoy a home with a family. Children would need to be gentle with this lovely girl. Jenny arrived at the shelter with Cleo, Twilite, Cilla and Julie so if you have room for more than one young feline in your home perhaps you could consider taking one of her friends with her.

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TINY - ID 15173 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 28/02/2020. Hello, my name's Tiny because, well, that's what I am! But I've raised two kittens, even adopted a third, and now I'm hoping for my forever home. I'm a bit scaredy shy but very sweet. My foster mum says there's not one mean bone in my body. I'm so loving I want pats all the time! So if you don't mind being patient while I come out of my shell and we get to know each other, we'll have the best life together!

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CLEO - ID 15292 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 23/09/2020. Cleo is yet another good natured young lady who is very playful. She enjoys playing with toys as well as other cats but also loves playing with and cuddling up to humans. She is used to being with Julie, Jenny, Twilite and Cilla so if you are thinking of giving a home to more than one cat you might well consider adopting Cleo with one of the other 3 she is used to.

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TWILITE - ID 15286 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 23/09/2020. Like Cilla, Jenny, Cleo and Julie with whom she came into the shelter Twilite is a sweet, friendly girl who enjoys cuddles and likes to be patted. She also loves to play so if you're in search of an energetic friend Twilite might be the one for you...or perhaps you have room for Twilite and one of her friends... double the fun!!

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