TIBBS - ID 13861 - DSH - MALE - DOB 12/01/2018

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RACHEL - ID 13806 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 24/11/2017 I'm still a bit frightened of the loud noises, but if you hold me close I will purr and purr and I love belly rubs. I think I'd like to be in a quiet house so I can be number one. I'm desexed and microchipped and my treatments are up to date. So I'm all ready to meet my new person who will hold me close when I need it.

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Leo 2

LEO 2 - ID 13821 - DSH - MALE - DOB 13/01/2018

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TIANNA - ID 13882 - DSH MANX - FEMALE - DOB 28/2/2017 I'm very cute as i'm a Manx, this means I have a short tail. I'm only a small girl and I'd like to find my forever home very soon. Are you the family for me?

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LUCY - ID 13833 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 13/12/2017

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GARTH - ID 13834 - DSH - MALE - DOB 13/12/2017

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JESS - ID 13807 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 24/11/2017 I was very frightened when I first came to the shelter with my Mum and sisters. But my foster Mum taught me all about love and cuddles and that sometimes there are loud noises but love always wins. I have now been de sexed and Microchipped and all my treatments are up to date so it's time for the next phase in my young life. I may be frightened at first but if you can love me unconditionally we will spend our lives growing old together.

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BEN - ID 13800 - DSH - MALE - DOB 17/12/2017

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ID 13818 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 28/01/2017

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SHARI - ID 13837 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 21/02/2017. I came to the shelter as a stray. I'm an affectionate girl who likes a pat and a scratch under the chin. Black and white is a very popular colour at the shelter this year. So make sure you seek me out. I'm looking forward to finding my forever home.

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