JOSH - ID 15176 - MANX X - MALE - DOB 28/10/2019. Josh can usually be found hanging out in one of the pipes in the outdoor area of the male cattery. Sometimes he and Oscar cuddle up together in the same pipe - a bit of a squash but they don't seem to mind. While he's a shy boy Josh is happy to accept pats while you talk quietly to him. He would probably be best suited to a quiet home without children and understanding people willing to give him time and space to grow used to new surroundings. **Update: Josh has really progressed. His trust in the volunteers has grown to the point that he now jumps out of the pipe, rubs around people's legs and rolls over for tummy rubs. What amazing progress for a boy who was so frightened when he first arrived.

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JAKE - ID 15180 - DSH - MALE - DOB 28/10/2019. At last it's happened, Jake has turned the corner from being a shy and frightened boy to a much more confident cat who now quite readily comes out to mix with the other boys in the male cattery. He has even been seen sharing a food plate. It's always so lovely to see a change like this as a 'scaredy-cat' becomes a more confident cat. He now asks for pats and will even turn his head for an under the chin scratch.

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JARGO - ID 15070 - DMH - MALE - DOB 01/07/2016. Jargo is very grateful to the person who saw him on the street and started feeding him. When she had to move and could not take Jargo with her she fortunately surrendered him to the shelter rather than leave him behind. Jargo is a sweet, medium- haired, small boy who would love a home with someone who could love him and look after him forever.

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SNOW - ID 12934 - DSH - MALE - DOB 11/08/2014. Our handsome boy, Snow has a lush white coat and unusual eyes (one blue, one green). Snow was surrendered to us 3 years ago and although he has been adopted a few times the homes were not the right fit for him so back he came. Snow has escaped from previous homes so anyone thinking of giving Snow a home would have to be very vigilant when opening doors and have a home fitted with screens. It is important that Snow goes to a forever home. Snow loves to walk on a harness and lead but as he is white this would have to happen in the morning or evening not during the heat of the day. This smoochy boy is deaf so if things can be a bit loud at your house we think that wouldn't be a problem. Snow can be loud and he has had us come running a few times thinking there was a problem only to find Snow talking to a bird through the window! Snow would probably be best suited to being an only pet. Can you give our Snow another chance at a forever home?

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Corey (was Rocky)

COREY - ID 11788 - DSH - MALE - DOB 18/11/2015. Corey is a beautiful boy who, even though he's no longer a kitten, still likes to have a play. He just loves a cuddle and has a sweet, friendly nature.

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