Become a Pen Sponsor

PAA is always in need of funds to ensure the shelter cats and dogs are well fed and receive the vet treatments they require. Sponsorship of a pen is a way for members of the public to donate money and have a sign placed on the pen acknowledging that the individual, organisation, or business supports our cause.

Many people sponsor a pen in loving memory of a pet cat or dog who has passed on. Others choose to sponsor a pen as, or in place of, a Christmas or birthday gift. Some sponsors elect to sponsor more than one pen.  This is a win-win situation as it brings in much needed revenue for PAA and the people who sponsor feel a great sense of pride when they knowingly contribute towards a helpless homeless PAA animal.

Help the Homeless

Animal Shelter Sponsorship of Pens

Dog Pens

SINGLE PENS $250 per year
PENS 1 TO 8 $350 per year

GRASS PENS $500 per year

Cat Pens

1 Female Cat Pen $350 per year
2 male Cat Pens $350 per year

Each sponsor will have their signage on the pen displaying:
Your Name / Family Name / Business Name