Fostering a Cat or Dog

We quite often need foster carers for our pregnant cats, litters without mothers, litters with mothers, or cats and kittens who may need extra care due to stress or illness.  On the very rare occasion we may need a carer to assist with a sick dog, or a dog recovering from major surgery.  

Becoming a foster carer is a wonderful and very rewarding experience for both you and the furbabies in your care. 

Fostering a cat.

As a cat foster carer, you may be asked to care for: 

  • a pregnant mother cat and then her kittens after they are born until they are old enough to be adopted at Peninsula Animal Aid; 
  • kittens who are too young to be adopted;  
  • cats / kittens who may need additional care prior to adoption;
  • Sick cats or cats with special needs.

While experience with cats is not essential, it is preferred.  Peninsula Animal Aid will be available to provide assistance and advice.

As a foster carer you are asked to provide a loving, caring, safe and secure indoor environment for your foster animals (access to secure outdoor enclosure for cats to visit is permitted).  Cats are not permitted outside as Peninsula Animal Aid has an ‘Indoor Cat Only” policy. This is to ensure the safety of all our cats. It is important to spend considerable time with the foster animals to ensure they are well socialised.

A separate room or area for your foster is preferred, where they can be separated from your pet if necessary.

You will need to provide food and litter in keeping with Peninsula Animal Aid recommendations. Donated food will be provided if it is available.  It is essential to conduct a daily health assessment of the cat/s or kitten/s in your care and should any health issues or emergencies arise, contact Peninsula Animal Aid Foster Co-ordinator immediately. It is also essential to maintain good hygiene for your cats litter trays. 

If directed to do so, you will need to transport your foster cat to vet and Peninsula Animal Aid appointments. It is necessary for you to live within close proximity to Peninsula Animal Aid for ease of visits by PAA representatives, and regular health visits at PAA.  You must have a reliable car for this, and in case of emergencies.  

As a foster carer you will be required to keep in regular contact with Peninsula Animal Aid. You will also need a reliable phone with message bank service.

Up to date desexing and vaccinations for your own pets is necessary. 

Written approval from your landlord/ body corporate if applicable is necessary.

Peninsula Animal Aid will cover all authorised medical expenses at Peninsula Animal Aid's nominated vet.  

Foster carers are under Peninsula Animal Aid's Foster Carer Co-ordinators supervision / instruction.

A home visit would be necessary to ensure suitability.

All foster arrangements will be temporary.  The animal remains the property of Peninsula Animal Aid and must be returned to Peninsula Animal Aid upon instruction.

Other Terms and Conditions will be discussed at interview. 

If you are interested in applying to be a Foster Carer, please fill out the application form below.  Please note that all volunteers must be over the age of 18.  The application can then be emailed to or dropped into the Office.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Foster Volunteer application form