Our Shelter

This is a collection of pictures taken recently.  There has been a working bee at the Cattery a few weeks ago and the Cattery sheds are looking better than ever, a massive job was done cleaning all the outside walls as well as inside the sheds.  Painting to inside the Cattery sheds is planned in the near future.

Also there have been changes in the Kennels, baffles for the dog pens have being completed recently and also painting of the walls in the dog pens.  The grounds are looking great, with the gardens being regularly attended to and work will commence soon on a kennel and run for the wonderful Zena our resident special needs dog.  Recently all the cement has been cleaned, a massive job, dare I say with an amazing result.

Part of the tea room has been used to extend the office space and we now have an extra office with lockable filing cabinets where we can store all-important PAA documents in one place, including all our bookkeeping files.  The Management Committee meet every two weeks at the shelter and will use this office for meetings.  George pictured at the front gate as well as Silver and Tom are able to turn their hands to the many skills required on site.  Building fences, painting containers, brick paving and basically any maintenance work required on site. PAA is very lucky to have them all as volunteers.