PAA Statistics 201431.12.2013

DOGS and PUPPIES: This year we have 277 dogs adopted and 25 puppies adopted. Reclaimed dogs for this year was 272 with also 1 puppy.  Dogs and puppies back to their forever homes for 2014 is in total 575.  Possible impacts on these stats was the  recording of all stray dogs coming and going as a priority.  Certainly identifying repeat offenders has been helpful in getting them home ASAP.

CATS and KITTENS:  This year we have adopted 157 cats and 232 kittens in total 389 with 9 cats reclaimed.   The new quarantine cattery shed is completed and this will make a big difference for 2104.

Well done to all the hard working volunteers and thank you from all our sponsors, donors and the general support we have had from our local community.

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