Q & A

Below are some common questions we have been asked about Peninsula Animal Aid. If you have any further questions not answered here, please contact the president at president@peninsulaanimalaid.com.au

Q. Why does the shelter seem to have less dogs in the kennels?

A: There are a couple of reasons for this. In 2013 we managed to adopt a number of our "long termers".  We also have a high turnover of dogs coming through the shelter as the intake policy supports the practice of taking in dogs that we know we can rehome.

Q. Were any PAA dogs transferred to RSPCA in 2013?

A. The answer is no, absolutely no PAA dogs have been transferred to RSPCA in 2013.  Our relationship with RSPCA is that dogs are transferred in from Wacol when we have room at the shelter.  This is a way of helping to shift more dogs into their forever homes in the community. 

Q. Are any volunteers at PAA being paid for the work that they do at the shelter?

A. No volunteers are paid for any work at the shelter. PAA has an accountant on contract.